Cambridge Area Collectors Show (CACS)
​for Marbles and Glass

​Show News

Adervertising expenses: 

9/13/16  $187 to create a show website
9/15/16  $46.40 for shirt to advertise Show
9/21/16  $144.55 Flyers/ Business Cards for                                 Show Advertising.
9/24/16     $15 for a Jar of Jabo (to be use as                                  promotional material)

10/4/16 $100 donation accepted to the show   

10/20/16 $8 for promo bags/stickers     

Committed to show:
Ron Shepard(1 table)
Craig Cerney (1 table)
Carlin and Lucy Carpenter (1 Table)
Mark Cloud (1 table)
Brian Estepp (1 table)
Josh Horner (1 table)
Jay Gruber (1 table)
Ray Neace (2 tables)
D.C. Barney (3 tables)
​Karen Day (1 table)
Aaron Moorhead (1 table)
David Griffe (1 table)
Amie Bashur (1 table)
John Duck (1 table)
Mica Materials (1 table)
Bob Neff (2 tables)
Peter Jackson (1 table)
Dennis Huth (1 table)
Dave Akers (3 tables)

​Planning on attending:
Russ Kasmar
Mike Reliford
Greg Gallagher
Brian Jourbet
​plus many many others

Been doing some behind the scenes work on the show, things are coming together nicely. 

Uploaded a video to Youtube that advertises the show. 

 Made it down to the Sistersville Show this past weekend, where I created quite a stir with news of the show. Got to wear my new shirt that advertised the show and was able to pass out several flyers. I also was able to speak with several vendors about reserving a table.  No bites yet, but it is still very early. While at the show I purchased a large jar of Jabo Pee Wee marbles that I will be using as a way to promote the show in the futere.

More updates soon. May your Mibs be mint and your collection continue to grow.


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